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Consultative Supervision

My supervisory style is first and foremost relational; my aim is to support you from a wholistic approach, which ensures that your clients receive the best possible care and your resilience remains robust. My interpretation of ‘wholistic’ is an environment and relationship which provides compassion, curiosity, nurture, challenge, mutual respect and appropriate humour.

To quote Michael Carroll (2014) I provide “…listening, recognition, confirmation, challenge and care.”

How I work

I strive to develop supervisory relationships that are collaborative, explorative, supportive, informative, trusting, open and honest. It is important to me that you feeling safe to explore all aspects of your work without fear of judgement.

I view supervision as an opportunity to gain ‘extra-vision’ of your therapeutic work. My supervisory approach is underpinned by Inskipp & Proctor’s model of the functions of supervision; Normative (practising ethically, lawfully), Formative (learning, growing) and Restorative (letting off steam, re-balancing).

I also use Hawkins and Shohet' 7 Eye Process model and work with the unconscious process to explore parallel process, transference and counter-transference that may exist between therapist and client. I provide opportunities to work creatively, using objects and materials to better understand your client’s worldview and enhance the therapeutic work.

I am an experienced, qualified supervisor; I work individually or with groups, privately and for organisations.


My Counselling and Supervision practice is available from Tuesday to Friday weekly:

•    Individual supervision is charged at £75 per hour. I offer a discounted rate of £105 for 1.5 hours.
•    This fee also applies for groups up to 3.
•    Fees for group supervision with more than 3 supervisees are subject to negotiation.


Payment is due at the time of each appointment by cash, bank transfer or cheque.

If you would like further information please contact me for an informal chat.

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