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'... allowed me space and time to gently talk through everything with no judgement, I felt free to express my feelings. Nervous at first, but in the end I enjoyed the process and understood myself better.

I thought you were wonderful, skilled at gradually getting to the route of difficulties; kind, understanding and funny. You helped me so much, I hope I've finally become the person I should have been years ago. I feel stronger, more assertive and happier.'

Anon (client identity protected)

'You helped me to confront my issues and stop being everyone's caretaker; you encouraged me to stop blaming myself and actually look after myself, you offered me a safe place to explore my trauma in a non-judgemental way... I would thoroughly recommend counselling; and you specifically, to any of my friends, thank you...'


'Compassionate, respectful, understanding; you made me feel at ease even when some things were difficult to talk was helpful feeling confident to trust and share with someone without judgement.'

Anon (client identity protected)

'I am not usually one for putting pen to paper but felt compelled to write to you and say thank you. The past couple of years have been difficult. At times, I am ashamed to admit my thoughts visited some very dark areas. The answer I found seemed to solve all my problems. To be honest, the answer frightened me.

It took a lot for me to admit I needed help.

From our first chat, the noise in my head started to quieten. The pressure that was building began reducing.

It is truly something special to be in a safe place and just talk. You have never judged me.

More importantly, you created an environment that allowed me to discover the answers I needed.

I know my journey is ongoing, but when it's dark, I now know there is a light. I just need to keep looking and turn it on.

Thank you for being there.'


‘The feedback from the students was very positive; your use of visual and interactive media was very engaging, it was great to experience your confidence, knowledge and humour. Thanks again, and if the course runs again next year, I hope you’ll consider a return.’
Surrey Counselling Training.

‘I can’t begin to put into words what you’ve done for me; you helped me understand me, you understood me, you helped me to accept myself.’

‘You have helped me to bridge that massive gap in my relationship with my beautiful daughter…’

‘I found our counselling sessions have helped me to cope and move forward with my grieving process…I will never forget how much you cared for me and how much it has helped…’


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